Active adventures at Hallandsås!

Closed for the season. Opens for Easter!

Kungsbygget is beautifully situated at Hallandsås with lovely wooded areas and a fantastic view of Halland. It offers active experiences such as summer toboggan, zipline, climbing, bike park and bungy rocket.


Bungy Rocket

Try our awesome catapulte were you get launched 25 meters up in the air, with the help of powerful rubber bands. The so called ”Bungy Rocket” disappoints noone!



Zipline suits both those who want a fast-paced experience, and for a group of friends who want to experience something different together. With a 70 meter vertical drop and 740 meters of line, you’ll fly down the Hallandsås’ beautiful hillside with stunning views of Halland. An activity with plenty of adrenaline. Do you dare?



15 meters high climbing wall. Can you reach the top?


Summer toboggan

Summer toboggan is a fantastic experience for people of all ages. 935 meter of winding paths through the woods. One need not be luge expert to do this, you decide the pace yourself: With the speed control slide, you can slow down or speed up. Already after three runs, you are a professional luge racers!


Bike Park

Kungsbygget offer two pump tracks and a flow trail.


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